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Well, it looks as though you've reached the end of the Violations website. The main author and other contributors hope you found it at least in part interesting. One large section of the original book has not been reproduced on the site, rather can only be accessed by purchasing the Violations book from Amazon. Yes, this is a shameless way to generate a bit of income but those sales help pay to keep this website online, so (a) we hope you'll forgive give us and (b) maybe even shell out a few pounds for a copy (below). The link goes to the UK Amazon website but the book is available on all Amazon platforms.

Anecdotally, when the book was first turned into an earlier version of this website, the chapter regarding Moon mysteries got damaged and it was always the intention to upload it later. Life however got in the way and it remained only available through Lulu then, more recently, Amazon. When readers found a note explaining the chapters weren't available we were inundated with messages claiming the site had been approached by "Men in Black" to remove the content. When we would write back and explain it was just a technical issue we were then advised that we were being threated to say that!"



The Violations Books:

A Hidden Legacy

Explore forgotton clues scattered throughout history that are suggestive
of an alternative history.

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Quest for Atlantis

Join the world-wide search for evidence
of a lost civilisation that predates
known history.

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Lethal Cocktail

Has Earth already been contacted by other civilisations either in the distant past or in recent centuries?

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Hidden Conflicts

A discussion of the emergence of advanced technologies and the bizarre invasion of Antarctica after WWII.

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Alien Surveillance
Unidentified Flying Objects

A discussion of sightings of UFOs in the sky above Earth and within the solar system, including Moon anomalies.

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Do Aliens Exist?
Area 51 Secrets

Evidence the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials and how the public had been subject to disinformation.

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Violations Credits

A list of credits and sources for the themes and issues explored
in Violations.

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Violations is now available on Kindle complete with additional content not available online!

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